It pays to trust your employees



Study indicates that employees who are trusted by managers do better work and are more loyal to their employer.

Journal of Management



A Closer Look at Trust Between Managers and Subordinates: Understanding the Effects of Both Trusting and Being Trusted on Subordinate Outcomes

The authors propose that trust in the subordinate has unique consequences beyond trust in the manager. Furthermore, they propose joint effects of trust such that subordinate behavior and intentions are most favorable when there is high mutual trust. Findings reveal unique (more…)

This is love

Louis Armstrong
Years ago, when I was new to being coached, I experienced a fundamental attribute of transformational coaching. I was completing a fantastic call with my coach, Mary Arzt. I had done a lot of venting and whining. I had seen some new possibilities. I, ultimately, had gotten clear and excited about the steps I would take into my future. A fantastic coaching call. I thanked my coach for the generosity of her listening and the power of her insight.

At which point, everything had been said and there was nothing left to say. The coach let the silence continue and we sort of basked in that rare space of nothing to do and no place to go: just perfect. At some point, my ego started to second-guess the just completed conversation. My ego realized that I had revealed (more…)

A Special Gift

Holiday Garland

We know it’s just another day
that comes around each year.
But something special happens then
that makes this time so dear.

We smile at others as they pass
a child’s eyes wide with wonder
The wreaths and holly hanging everywhere
might e’en take time to ponder.

The time does come but once a year
bringing happiness and joy.
The season is for (more…)

Your Brain on Music

Daniel J. Levitin

Singing and dancing have been shown to modulate brain chemistry, specifically levels of dopamine, the “feel good” neurotransmitter. Our species uses music and dance to express various feelings: love, joy, comfort, ceremony, knowledge and friendship. And each one is distinct and widely recognized within cultures. Love songs cause us to move slowly and fluidly, for example, while songs of joy inspire us to dance in a full-body aerobic way.

–Daniel J. Levitin
Professor of psychology and music
McGill University


This Is Your Brain on Music:See it at Amazon

See it at Amazon

The Science of a Human Obsession.

Theory at Work

Thomas A. Edison

“Success is 1% inspiration and 99% perspiration.”

–Thomas A. Edison




“If Edison needed to find a needle in a haystack, he would not stop to reason where the needle Nikola Teslamight be, but rather would examine every straw, straw after straw like a diligent bee until he found the object of his search. I was almost a sorry witness of his doings, knowing that just a little theory and calculation would have saved him 90 percent of his labor.”

–Nikola Tesla

“That’s fine in practice but what about your theory?”
–Popular tee shirt on
University of Chicago campus


Yogi Berra

“In theory, there is no difference between theory and practice.”
–Yogi Berra


Boss’s Guide to an (Almost) Worry-free Vacation


Here’s an article I had published as the cover story of the August 1997, issue of Small Business News. My executive coaching clients still find it useful.

Small Business News August 1997

I remember when I sold my first business and got a “real job.” A “real” job is the kind with set hours, limited responsibilities, and weekends off.

Weekends off! What an alien concept. Once I got used to the idea of free time and stopped bringing “special projects” and extra reading home, I noticed something very odd. I got a whole lot more done on the Mondays after a relaxing weekend than I had after struggling with work for seven (or seventy) straight days. Abe Lincoln is said to have declared that if he had eight hours to cut down a tree, he would spend four hours sharpening his saw. Vacation is for sharpening your most important tool: yourself.



Long-term Vacation Planning:

Grow your staff

I once asked the President of a division of a public company, “How do you account for your great success at such a young age?” After a moment’s reflection, he (more…)